Our Brands

Innovative, ergonomic and durable electric torque fastening systems.

Pneumatic, pulse, tranzdurized and high torque torque tools.

Hand tools and torque wrenches.

Electric torque tools, arms, blades and torque analyzers.

Precision testing equipment.

Pressure gauges.

Power tools with torque control.

Cleaning, cutting and grinding abrasives such as brushes and discs.

Industrial pneumatic tools for polishing, sanding, cutting and percussion processes.

Soldering iron and filtration welding equipment and consumables.

Group of abrasives for stainless steel, iron, wood, such as discs, sandpaper, bands for industrial tools.

is a competitive manufacturer of solid, sponge, and uncured silicone. Sold in roll or sheet with adhesive on one or both sides.

It has manufactured Teflon® coated fabrics and other materials with high temperature / nonstick properties for almost 50 years. They supply a wide range of materials including tapes, fabrics and bands for a wide variety of industrial uses. Taconic has plants in California, New York, China, Ireland, Argentina, etc.

It is a very established manufacturer in the industry. They offer more than 140 products including pipe thread sealants, PTFE tapes, Teflon sealants, RTV silicones, Thread Sealants, aerosol maintenance products, Cyanoacrylate adhesives, PTFE valve stem packing, industrial detergents. , greases, and the most complete line of nonstick compounds available from any manufacturer.

It has various adhesives that reflect the universal product range suitable for the industrial manufacturer, engineer, craftsman and consumer. Glue types include Ultraviolet Light, Cyanoacrylates, Epoxy, Polyurethanes, Anaerobes, Acrylics, Methacrylates, and Impregnable Type.